Wednesday, December 17, 2014

~ "Grown men do cry..."

"Jesus wept." (John 11:35)

The shortest verse, the greatest image!  If ever anyone doubted that Jesus understands our pain, he need only read this verse and know the truth!

His friend, Lazarus, had died before he was able to reach him and heal him before that occurred.  Lazarus had faith, Martha and Mary had faith.  They had yet to truly understand the full meaning of his coming.  They knew he was the Messiah, yet they had no clue as to what this meant.  They were looking for a King to lead them out of persecution (literally lead them out of persecution).  They would come to learn that day that what Jesus promised was a eternal life with him that would not end at the grave.

"Why me, God?"  This was a favorite prayer of mine for many years.  Why was I bullied?  Why was I left to struggle alone?  Why was my life filled with misery?  The answer...why not!  Suffering and trials build character.  They are what builds strength of heart, mind and soul!  We don't often see our own strength.  We don't see how far we've come simply because we do not look back!  We walk ahead knowing that there will be more mountains to cross before it is time to rest in his arms!

We weep.  We mourn.  We grieve.  We have something so many do not - we have faith!  Faith in the promises of our Father, faith in the salvation given us by Jesus, and faith that Jesus understands our pain and has already interceded on our behalf.  Death, physical death, is inevitable.  We will all die.  Eternal life is a gift offered to us by the sacrifice of one man - flesh and blood just like us!  It is there for the taking with a simple request:  Jesus, I am a sinner, not worthy of anything. Forgive me of all my sins.  Come into my heart and lead me!