Weekly Bible Study...

January 8 - 14 - Genesis Chapter 2


1. Verse one of Genesis Chapter 2 states: “Thus the heavens and the earth were completed in all their vast array.” What commands or acts did God order in the first six days recorded in chapter one that still occur even to this day? What does this demonstrate?

2. From the beginning of creation until this day the seventh day of the week is special for Christians. What do we do – or should we do - out of respect for the holiness of the seventh day? Is it wrong for someone to work on Sunday?

3. What do we learn about God’s creation of man from verse 7 of Genesis Chapter 2?


1. In Genesis Chapter 2 we see the words “LORD God” used for the first time as opposed to the word “God”. This is from the Hebrew word “Yehovah”. What does the word LORD mean to you?

2. Describe the garden that God planted. Where was it? What were the three types of trees that grew there from verse 9 of Genesis Chapter 2?

3. Four rivers sprang from the Garden of Eden, the Pishon, Gihon, Tigris and Euphrates. Where might you assume the garden to have been? Does the idea of living in a garden such as Eden appeal to you? Why or why not?


1. What Hebrew word is translated “Lord God” and what does that Hebrew word mean?

2. Why did God place man in the Garden of Eden?

3. What commands did God give to man when he placed him in the garden? What was it he could and could not do and what were the consequences for disobedience?

Could do
Could not do
Consequences of doing what was forbidden

1. List all the creations that Adam named.

2. What aspects of God’s creations do you enjoy or appreciate the most?

Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter
Plants, gardening
Sun, moon, the stars and other celestial creations
Oceans, mountains, forests, prairies, deserts etc
Other: __________________________
3. Why did God create Eve? How do you think Adam felt when God brought her to him?


1. What is the significance of Adam naming all the creatures and his wife?

2. How are man and woman “one flesh” when they are married? What do verses 24 and 25 of Genesis Chapter 2 reveal to us about God’s view of marriage, homosexuality, polygamy and adultery?

3. Who is saying the words of verse 24 of Genesis Chapter 2?


1. Why did Adam and Eve feel no shame even though they were naked? Why do young children feel no shame when they are naked?

2. How is Satan trying to persuade us feel to feel no shame for nakedness in today’s culture?