Monday, October 17, 2011

~ "Money..."

The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender. (Prov 22:7)

Knowing that God will provide is something I've come to rely on and I know how very blessed I am. He sees to it that all my needs are met. I work five, sometimes six days a week to earn what is needed to pay my rent. I am provided food and beverage on those days that I work. I am offered leftover bread (I work in a hoagie shop) which I take home and turn into salad croutons and bread crisps. I recycle some of the condiments we use for other items (we sell marinated mozzarella and the olive oil that remains after we package them is placed in a container and I bring it home and use it to make those bread crisps). One thing I am not is hungry. Occasionally, I pass on my "good fortune" to others.

When you owe people money, it makes for a very uncomfortable situation. Most people cannot resist reminding the indebted that they "owe" and it causes alienation and separation almost all the time. There are a few people out there that will offer you assistance and then stand in the wings and place no pressure on you for the repayment. There are others who will hound you and hover like a hawk waiting. It is not a pleasant situation to be in. So, does this mean we should not borrow money? No. This verse warns us that we should not take on more than we can repay - we should not over extend ourselves. By the same token, when you lend money, lend only what you do not need. Lend it as though it will never be repaid.

In all that you do, especially financial matters, do it with God's blessing. Pray before lending, pray before borrowing. Seek His guidance in all matters! Ask yourself if what you're about to do will bring glory to God. Are your motives to honor Him or are they self-gratifying? Will you be making someone else's life a little better or yours? Is it a sacrifice on your part or a way to offset your own debt? Ask yourself that age-old question: What would Jesus do???