Saturday, November 22, 2014

~ "Purity..."

"Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way? by taking heed thereto according to thy word." (Ps 119:9)

How can a person stay on the path of purity?  By living according to God's word.

Even in this world, at this time, purity is not impossible!  It just requires a lot more dedication than it use to!  Why is purity so important?  God tells us to be "sanctified" - to remain holy; to avoid sexual immorality.  He tells us to learn how to control our bodies (just because it feels good, doesn't mean you have to do it).  He also tells us what not to do.  He tells us not to engage in incest, or to have "affairs".  God calls us to live a holy life!  By living a life of purity, we can save ourselves countless problems.  We will not be bringing sexual issues from past relationships, into the next relationship.  We will not be putting ourselves in a position to contract and spread diseases.  We will not be cheapening ourselves with partners that have nothing in mind beyond their own immediate satisfaction.

Many young people today take a public vow of purity.  They announce to the world that they will remain "virgins" until they marry.  The world today in which our young people (even some of us "older" folks) live in is telling them there are no rules, or rewriting the rules set forth by God.  "To doubt of our own wisdom and strength, and depend on God, proves the purpose of holiness is sincere." (Matthew Henry).

Don't look at it as a burden, a denial of "happiness" (don't I have the right to be happy?), look at it as yet another way to please the Creator and receive his blessings!