Tuesday, November 18, 2014

~ "Hidden treasures..."

"Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee." (Ps 119:11)

This verse always puzzled me (no matter what translation I read).  How does one "hide" something in their heart?  When you're in love with someone, is shows! It's generally reflected in your face - it beams like the sun.  It's visible in your actions, the many things you do for the person.  It's noticeable in your gait, your stance and your sure-footedness!  It's impossible to hide, no matter how hard you try!

Hiding the "word" means simply to hold it close, to love it, to protect it and to share it with others!  If it is "hidden" in your heart, no one can take it from you!  What it does not mean is for you to tuck it away and hide it from the world.  It is not just yours, nor is it something to hoard.  God's love is big enough for everyone!  Everyone benefits when it's shared and passed from one to another.

If his word is hidden in your heart, you will know the enemy when he approaches.  Just as my computer gives me a warning that the web page I am trying to open may contain unsecured data, or damaging data, God's Word firmly planted in my heart ignites a warning when something "not of the Father" is attempting to worm its way into my life.  The light goes on and the enemy is caught in the act and promptly sent on his way.

If you do not know God's Word, you cannot hide it - it's not simply memorizing scripture - it's understanding it!  Once understood, you can carry it with you always.  Once understood, you can use it to educate others.  Once understood, it becomes the shield against Satan.  Hidden in your heart, God's Word becomes your life force!  Hide it well!!!