Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"Oh, Sandy, maybe, someday..."

(This photo was taken at the same beach
 as the photo on the cover of my book)

The disciples were amazed. "Who is this man?" they asked. "Even the winds and waves obey him!" (Matt 8:27)

As I scrolled through the status lines and images posted by family and friends this morning (after working 16 hours and then sleeping for 4), I felt blessed beyond the imagination.  Many of my friends lost trees, fences, and one actually lost her roof.  My youngest daughter works in a grocery store and could describe the customers as simply crazy.  "We aren't going to die" she said!  Another friend marveled at others who were buying frozen foods and refrigerated items.  This type of generated storm usually causes power outages - all their goods will spoil.  The supermarkets (contrary to what they want you to believe, are price gouging - $6 for a $3 case of bottled water.  Still another friend asked what one would take with them if forced to evacuate.

We plan for hurricanes and blizzards, we have emergency totes for earthquakes and tornadoes.  In these little satchels we carry important papers, priceless memorabilia, flashlights, batteries, radios, and other assorted goodies.  We keep it nearby and check it occasionally to insure that the contents are in good repair.  Regardless of the memories attached to certain items, everything we own can be replaced.  Eventually, even the treasures you pass down to your children and their children will be tossed in the trash.  It's a fact of life.  Right now I have 2 totes filled with photos of people I do not know.  They belonged to my grandmother's second husband - my mother kept them, now I have them - soon they, too, will be hitting the trash bin.

In all this planning, we might take it one step further - preparing for death is not something that one does after they are diagnosed with an incurable disease or life-threatening illness - preparing for death begins now.  Jesus calmed the storm and the sea that night on the boat with His disciples.  Let Him calm the storm within you!  Open your heart a little more to accept the tranquil waves of His love for you.  He will not desert you in the storms that come into your life.  He sitting right beside you as you read this.  Ask Him to come into your heart now and begin a greater walk, topped off with a happy ending!

The Bible is your emergency kit.  Everything you need for survival and eternity is in it.  There is a light that will not extinguish.  There is evidence of your birth right or your adoption papers.  It contains your passport to heaven.  There are images of those loved by God etched on it's pages.  There is food for thought and for the soul.  Be as prepared for the day you meet Jesus as you are for the "natural disasters" that befall you.  Prepare your soul, prepare your heart, prepare your mind!