Thursday, October 25, 2012

~ "No coincidences..."

(photo by Wally Pacholka) that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love...(Eph 3:17)
No, I did not plan to put this verse here. I never plan anything ~ I leave it all in God's hands. My guess is that he wasn't done telling me what he started yesterday.

The other day, while spending a few quiet moments with a friend, she had asked me how I live alone. I was honest, I told her the truth. Somedays are easy, some days are hard. I try very hard to put all of my trust in God, but the bottom line is, I am lonely. We began to talk about God's love being sufficient - which, of course, it is. My comment to her (as the tears began to roll down my face) was that "if we are created out of love, why, then, would we not want love?" I do pray that the Lord will send me a companion. 

We desire the "human" love of others, we desire a companion, a partner to get through this world with. Today, Christ does dwell in my heart - through faith by the power of the Holy Spirit! What I believe, what I know to be true of God's love for me, is that it is something that cannot be touched by anyone or anything! There is no comparison to make when it comes to him sending my Savior to lay his life down. His love is endless. His gifts to me are priceless. 

Once we are "established" in his love for us, the possibilities are limitless. But we have to get to that point first! Here comes that nasty word again - waiting - on God's perfect timing in our lives. We may be ready, but perhaps the "partner" he has in mind for us, is not. I know he's not going to send me someone I have to "fix", someone I have to "teach" - he will send me someone who is right for me out of his design, not out of the world's design. He will send someone I can grow with, spiritually; not someone who will drain all the "spirit" from me. He will not send me someone that will leave me "unequally yoked". He will send someone who will lift me up, not put me down. He will send me someone who will love me for me, the person I am today. 

God's love does sustain me. In those quiet hours of the night when my mind wanders to him in prayer and I tell him what it is that I would like, I know that he does hear and does know and has in mind for me something so perfect, that I could never have found on my own anything better. He has brought me to this place and time in my life for a reason. I don't question it. He knows why. And in all of that, I will continue to lift up his name in praise, witness to those I can and give him my full attention! 

Let Christ dwell in your heart. Let your faith in him and the love he has for you be enough to sustain you. He has plans for your life - he will not fail you!