Friday, October 5, 2012

~ "God, grant me the serenity..."

(photo by Celia Darrigo)
Hear my cry for mercy as I call to you for help, as I lift up my hands toward your Most Holy Place. (Ps 28:2)

In our moments of pain, we cry out for help. We ask to be rescued from the hurt, from the sorrow and from the consequences of sin. God hears our prayers. He continues to give us the strength we need to get through yet another day. The expression used in Alcoholics Anonymous is "one day at a time". Recovering alcoholics are encouraged to not look too far into the future and to take things as they come. Some days, they take things "one minute" or "one second" at a time, because they become overwhelmed with the prospect of even "one day". This "slogan", as it is termed, can apply to anyone. 

We can be submerged into a sea of "what if's" when we begin to look at any given situation. It's easy to turn our hearts to prayer in the minor catastrophes of life, or when we want to say "thanks for listening". Our true test of faith comes when we are bombarded with pain and suffering beyond what we believe is bearable! Remember, nothing touches us that has not passed through God first. Whether we are on the mountain top or in the valley, we know we must head for the river when the storm rolls in. That is where we find our peace. That's where Jesus is! 

He's calling to you! He wants a relationship with you that is more than just "God, if you get me out of this one..." He wants you to bring all your little aches and pains, all your small and large successes to him! He wants to give you the kingdom. He wants you to know that he loves you and he understands! He came to earth in flesh and blood and shed it all for you! He wants to give you so much more! 

Start today, start right now! Let the Holy Spirit fill you with a true love of God! Don't worry about what the rest of your friends or family think about you (I'm known as the "crazy church lady" - doesn't bother me a bit). In the end, all that matters is what GOD thinks of you! Be that good and faithful servant and praise his name, thank him for the pain and the hurts, because I can guarantee that when all is said and done, you will be smiling! Don't let the storms in life drown you. Let the water of salvation wash over you and know that you are part of a much bigger picture, God's picture!