Sunday, October 7, 2012

~ "Kyrie..."

I said, LORD, be merciful unto me: heal my soul; for I have sinned against thee. (Ps 41:4)

Kyrie Eleison (Greek for "Lord have mercy"; the Latin transliteration supposes a pronunciation as in Modern Greek) is a very old, even pre-Christian. It was a term I grew up on and had not heard in many years (somewhere around 1965, the Latin recitation was shelved for the "native" language of the country it was being said in). In late 1985, "Mr. Mister" released "Kyrie" - according to the Richard Page (co writer), the entire song is, essentially, a prayer. 

The phrase "Kyrie Eleison" invokes the name of God - we cry out for mercy and ask for forgiveness. "The Bible often speaks of God's care for the poor and of His blessing on those who share this concern. God does not want the poor to suffer. God wants our generosity to reflect His own free giving; as He has blessed us, we should bless others (Life Application Study Bible)". We, the people of God, are not free from sickness, from poverty, from affliction. We also learn to take care of others who are likewise afflicted (through the example given to us by Jesus). But nothing disturbs us more than our own inner failings - the sins of our heart, if we truly follow Him. 

Call on the Lord to heal your soul, ask Him to lighten the heavy load you bear (because He has paid for those sins). Ask Him to release you from the debt you owe, the pain you carry and the scars you exhibit as a result of your sins. Clear the path for an unobstructed walk with Him. "Sin is the sickness of the soul; pardoning mercy heals it, renewing grace heals it, and for this spiritual healing we should be more earnest than for bodily health (Matthew Henry)". Kyrie eleison...