Sunday, May 20, 2012

~ "Sunrise..."

(photo by Celia Darrigo)

From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the LORD'S name [is] to be praised. (Ps 113:3)

"Today I will acknowledge my faith in God, my Father in Heaven!  I will confess to Him any resentments and bitterness over past life events and will renew my trust in Him for my present walk and future hope.  I will aspire to trust God unconditionally in all things, demonstrating a living hope even when I may not understand what God's plan is."  This is my affirmation for the week.  I do not fear where I walk, because I walk in the light, and I do not walk alone - wherever I go, God goes with me!

When I look back at what my life was, I praise God for bringing me through it!  If I had never lived in torment, I could never know contentment.  It takes some getting used to, especially when all you've known is verbal and emotional abuse and neglect.  I had come to expect it and didn't know quite how to react when treated with respect.  The positive side of life came only in short spurts and was overshadowed by the constant clanging of "the useless bell".  I know now that I am none of those horrible names and vulgar expressions that were used to describe me.  I am a child of God.  I loved and cared for by the greatest man to ever walk the earth - Jesus!  

We all have our "midnights".  We need them to appreciate the "sunrise".  When God shines His light in your life, you stand up and take notice!  He's not someone far away, too busy to hear your cry or wipe your tears away!  He comforts you in ways no human ever could.  He loves you unconditionally!  He's there, right beside you as you suffer; He's there right beside you in your moments of joy!  Have the faith in Him that He asks you to have - He CAN do anything...but He's given us "free will" which means He will not MAKE someone change if they choose not to.  Don't walk away from God, walk away from what is not of God!  There are many things that God despises - you are not one of them!!!  Thank Him for those nights - they tend to turn into beautiful days filled with joy and love from above!  He IS the sunrise - praise His name!!!