Wednesday, May 9, 2012

~ "Digestion..."

And Jesus answered him, saying, It is written, That man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God. (Luke 4:4; Matt 4:4)

Living by every word of God.  What a powerful statement!  It must be important because it's in the Bible several times, both Luke and Matthew used the same words and coincidentally, it appears in the same chapter and verse of each of their Gospels.  But what is "living by the word of God"?

Our physical nourishment comes from the food we eat.  The vitamins, calories and nutrients we need are supplied, processed and what's left is excreted.  It is the desired way for us to maintain healthy bodies.  We can supplement it with other sources of proteins and the like through pills, but our bodies are designed to intake food.  Our spiritual nourishment takes place in much the same way.  We read, we listen and we experience.  The Word of God contains all the nourishment we need for our souls.  In every verse written, there is a lesson and a command to be learned and applied to our daily lives.  We supplement that with our attendance at worship, our listening to the preaching of men of God and through the music which glorifies Him!!!

In our world of "food" there are things that are yummy, but not so healthy.  Our "junk food" and our "sweets" provide very little nourishment (there is some - except for Twinkies - I don't think there's anything nourishing in them).  When we fill up on "junk", we leave little room for the "real" food we need to keep our bodies healthy and strong.  The same goes for the Word of God.  There are great stories, passed down from generation to generation throughout the Bible.  There are stories incorporated into the lives of some Christians that are not contained in the word of God - yes, believe it or not, someone actually made them up -  why?  These "twinkies" come from and to a generation of so-called Christians in a desire to control the populous of it's denomination.  They spew doctrine that is not accurate, not supported and most assuredly cannot be verified by any means other than the words they themselves have written to insure the "sanctity" of their religion.  These heretics have done something that God chose NOT to do - they have taken away the "free will" of the people.  Today's Sadducees and Pharisees still sit in judgment of men, still offer their version of the law (which, btw, we are no longer under) and still dictate who can and cannot be counted in and called to serve Christ.  Hogwash.

Jesus came for ALL - not just a select group of individuals who believe they, alone, are the true followers of the Savior.  Salvation is for all people.  Acceptance of Jesus Christ as the true Messiah, the acknowledgement that we are saved by grace through faith is what is required.  It is not written that you must attend "x" amount of worship services, and it is definitely written to pray to none but God through Jesus.  There are no "holies" to pray to, there are no other intercessors, there are no "new developments" in the word of God - it stands as firmly as the rock it was first built on - the rock of the church IS Jesus and Jesus is the church.  He is not a building, or a sect, or a denomination or a set of archaic laws designed to keep the people in line.  He is a living God who will sit in judgement of all those who so recklessly create and edit what's been written to accommodate their own desire for power and control.  Get out now, while you can!!!  For as sure as there is a God in heaven, they will be called to account for their lies and the acceptance of the satanic forces they have chosen to worship (and yes, I do mean satanic).  

Pray to God - the Creator of all.  Do not wander down that road of compliance that for centuries has dictated and dominated the people of God who "don't know any other way".  Offer them the true Christ - through the sharing of the Gospel, though the letters written to the early church (the group that believes in Jesus...not an actual building), through the acts of the apostles and through the knowledge you, yourself have that tells you that God is a loving, compassionate and holy God who's patience is not to be tried, nor are His words to be stifled or changed.  God speaks to the heart of EVERY sinner, not just the ones who wear the fancy clothing or the big hats.  Listen to the voice of truth within you, not the rantings of men placed in power by their own little group.  They do not preach the word of God - they preach the word of man, inspired by Satan.  Do not allow these "twinkies" to take your nourishment and leave you hungry.  Be filled with the true Word of God - it's found in your Bible!