Friday, September 2, 2011

~ "Following the plan..."

The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise. (Ps 51:17)

We all do things we wish we had not. We commit sins and need forgiveness. The price we pay is often more than is bearable. There is nothing the Lord loves more than a humbled heart. Unfortunately, the world is not as forgiving as our Heavenly Father is. Often the human price we pay is greater than we could have ever imagined. The expression "you don't know what you've got until it's gone" can often be the hardest penalty we pay for in life for our human wants and desires. If only we could be given another chance, like God gives us, to be reconciled. Mistakes we make on earth often follow us throughout our life, no matter how hard we try to escape their grasp.

Yes, Satan has a hand in this and wants us to be long suffering with regard to our failure or our infidelity. Our choices with regard to extra-marital affairs (as with David) affect not only our lives, but those around us - they produce the same ripples as a stone when cast into a pond. They radiate out from the place of origin until they touch the shore. David new this to be true. He humbled himself before God and asked for forgiveness. Some things are "fixable" - some are not - ALL things are possible with God!

We don't always know what road we are to take. We must rely on the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We cannot put aside His commands to us - doing so brings on pain and suffering we could have avoided. Learning and knowing His "touch" is something that comes with time. The longer we walk in the light, the brighter our path becomes. It is illuminated with the light of the world...Jesus!

Take comfort in knowing that God has forgiven you. Continue to walk in His ways, honor His commands, meditate on His word. He will regenerate that spirit that seems to be dead or dying within you. He will let you know when it is "safe" to move on (if, in fact, that is what you are praying for). He will also let you know, in no uncertain terms, if you are to "wait". He is a very subtle God. As with all of God's intimate messages to you, He will lead you if you are willing to follow. Don't wander off His path for you! Follow the plan and all will be right and His name will be glorified in the end!

(photo by Brad Millaway)