Sunday, September 18, 2011

~ "Behold..."

Who is this King of glory? The LORD strong and mighty, the LORD mighty in battle. (PS 24:8)

Everything belongs to the Lord! The mountains, the valleys, the rivers and streams, the rocks and the plants, the strong and the weak. He commands the universe. He guards and protects what is His - what He has created. Nothing happens without His knowledge. We pursue Him, wanting to desperately to be in His will. We humble ourselves before Him in prayer, wanting Him to see us as worthy. We cannot proceed without His undeniable blessings. We belong to Him!

He is there. In all the things we strive for, in the Christians we fight so hard to become. We walk, we fall, He lifts us up. He raises His mighty hand to guard against the enemy that tries continually to drag us away. His voice in our hearts and souls cannot be silenced. He whispers to us in tones we may not audibly understand, but we instinctively know to be His truths and His way. He does not abandon us...ever!

His grace restores and refreshes us over and over again. There is no limit to them. His love for us goes far beyond that of man or woman. When He is present in our lives, the life we live takes on a new and brighter meaning. When He blesses our lives with joy and love, there is nothing that can compare to the fullness we feel. We praise Him and thank Him with tears of joy, vowing never to forget these wonderful blessings He has seen us worthy to grant. Yet, we are human. We will stumble again and we will fall. Yet, He is God. He will lift us up and dust us off, setting our feet back on the path of righteousness that we strive so hard to attain. He is our King of Glory; He is mighty and strong when we are weak. He is our saving grace. He is there for us ~ behold...

(photo by Sandra Wood)