Sunday, October 12, 2014

~ "Words..."

"Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing.  My brethren, these things ought not be so to be." (James 3:10)

"It ain't fittin', it jes' ain't fittin'!"  (Mammy, "Gone with the Wind").

There are plenty of things that "ain't fittin'" in our day and age.  Unlike "when I was a child", many are acceptable and nothing is thought about it today.  Why?  Maybe it's because parenting has become something requiring a Master's degree, maybe it's because of the rate of unemployment, maybe it's the influx of drugs into the United States, maybe it's global warming...or maybe it's simply because "God" is no longer openly welcomed into schools, businesses, or homes.

When we allow God to be pushed out through the misinterpretation of our Constitution (which reads "freedom OF religion - meaning the right to choose how we worship, not freedom FROM religion - meaning that no mention of "God" is permitted), we take away the blessings that come from being able to openly share, without constraint, what the Lord has done and will do if we just focus on him.  There is no moral compass without God - it is by his words that a Christian sets the bar on what is and is not acceptable.  Without God's influence, everything else becomes a "politically correct" society as opposed to a good, moral community of giving and caring people, motivated only by the love of God and each other.

You cannot have it both ways.  You cannot bless and then condemn.  The term for that is hypocrisy.  All things in balance, love that is firm and praise to God - honesty, sincerity and truthfulness.  Teaching and practicing his Word and his truths, holding yourself to that higher authority, not to what is an "accepted" practice, are all key to overcoming those things that "ain't fittin'".  Be conscious of the blessings.  Let those words flow freely off your tongue.  Be mindful of the cursing.  Let those words remain bridled.