Monday, March 26, 2012

~ "Morning calisthenics...

For bodily exercise profits little: but godliness is profitable to all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come. (1 Tim 4:8) 
I don't discourage people from working out, because we are told to keep our bodies in good condition.  So many people are "addicted" to working out and looking great.  There's nothing wrong with either - the danger comes when that is ALL you do.  We tend to worry about our outward appearances when it is what's inside that we should be concerned with.  We remind each other that beauty is only skin deep and that we should look to what is on "the inside" of a person (no, not the structure of their DNA).  

Paul tells Timothy in this letter that "godliness" is more important that exercise.  We know that no matter what we do here on earth, we will die and our bodies will revert to the dust from which it came (in theory, anyway - we've managed to delay that occurrence by the process of embalming).  What does not rot, what does not fade away, what lives on forever is our soul!  The part of us that is the essence of God will never die!  It would stand to reason that we should take better care of our spiritual well-being than our physical well being - but most people don't put as much energy into that as they put into their weight lifting and body building routine.  

Spend time with the Lord.  Sit down, open his book and read his word.  Take the scripture verse of your favorite daily devotional and read the verses around it.  Meditate on what is being conveyed in that teaching.  Focus on God and his greatness and his power; focus on the mercy he has shown you.  Exercise your soul - pray!  Exercise your mind - praise!  Exercise your heart - love!  Exercise your hands - give! Let Jesus be your trainer, let the Word be your manual, let Heaven be your finish line!  God wants to welcome you to the winner's circle - prepare to be there and be showered with blessings!