Thursday, March 22, 2012

~ "It's time to put God back in the driver's seat..."

My soul longeth, yea, even fainteth for the courts of the LORD: my heart and my flesh crieth out for the living God. (Ps 84:2)

We need God in our lives.  Our forefathers knew this, which is why this country's foundation was firmly planted in God.  They knew the value of faith, belief in our Creator and the reward for serving him, not a mortal King!  Throughout this history of the United States, God played a part, a very important part.  His name and his presence were welcomed into every building and home, into every business and school, without hesitation.  The "sabbath" was respected, the Bible was a guide to a better life and life in America was good!

Every nation that has risen to greatness, has done so with the Lord leading them.  Every great nation that has fallen, has forgotten that they got there by the mercy and grace of God.  We will be one of those nations if we do not turn back to him!    

David (we assume he wrote this Psalm) longed to be in the presence of God.  He longed to be, once again, in the "tabernacle".  Matthew Henry writes: "The psalmist here with great devotion expresses his affection, to the ordinances of God; his value for them, his desire towards them , his conviction of the happiness of those that did enjoy them, and his placing his own happiness so very much in the enjoyment of them, AND to the God of the ordinances; his desire towards him, his faith in him, and his conviction of the happiness of those that put their confidence in him.

We, too, should have the same devout affections working towards God that David had.  Our desires to please and serve him should come before anything else we do.  We should not sit quietly and watch as our God is taken from us by the "kings" of this country.  No, we do not have to drag out the soap box or march in protest of certain "atheistic" practices...prayer is a much more powerful tool in fighting the enemy!  God demands our loyalty.  The wages of sin IS death, but death has been overcome by one for all.  Stand tall, stand firm, stand on the rock of salvation and you will see the face of God and live!!!  Pray for this country's leaders, that they will turn to God and rebuild this nation so that it will have the power and strength our forefathers wanted for it!  Pray for "one nation under God"!!!