Tuesday, July 19, 2011

~ "Well, I stopped him before it ruined my testimony..."

Thou shalt not commit adultery. (Exodus 20:14)

Let me just say this: Jesus says that if we've thought of doing it, we've done it in our heart. Cheating is cheating whether it's a peck on the lips or full out tonsil hockey - if there is lust in your heart, then you are guilty of committing adultery. And all you single folks out there that think it's okay to have sex with your "significant" other - once again - God says NO!!! Yes, I do have a lot to answer for when I go before Him...yes, I am forgiven! Part of being a Christian and recognizing the sins of the flesh is not only to ask forgiveness for them, but to cease from committing them! What about you??? Do you have sins of fornication, extra-marital affairs, lewd sexual acts, or homosexual acts? Guess what? They all fall under this commandment and if you are arrogantly continuing to commit them, then you are not in the good graces of the Father!

"But I love him (or her, or them or him or whatever)" - God says NO!!! And taking it only as far as "heavy petting with no intercourse (yes, I know I'm dating myself here) if you aren't married (especially if you're married to someone else) is also a NO!!! The statement and title of today's post was uttered by a married woman (whom I was friends with) that I caught in the back seat of a car not belonging to her husband and with a man who was not her husband. "I had too much to drink" is not an excuse, either. Her testimony is, as she put it, "ruined" - but what she failed to see is that none of us has a "perfect" testimony. But lying about it certainly will not make for a good interaction with our heavenly Father on judgement day. God doesn't want us to make up flawless professions of our Christian life to others - He wants us to share the sins of the flesh, the sins of the heart. We must be vigilant in our walk with Christ! No, we won't get it right every time - as a matter of fact, we'll probably get it wrong more than right - but we MUST make the effort! Deliberately going out and thinking that because your husband or your wife doesn't know gives you the false security that your "secret" is safe. Guess what again??? God knows!!! And don't think you can stand before Him and justify it - the response will most likely be "what part of NO didn't you understand???"

There's an awful lot of sin in our world. Pictures of things that are not what the image reflects (some people were posting images (of whatever - I don't know, I blocked it) that were designed to look like genitalia - some find it funny - I find it disgusting (as I'm sure God does as well). Pornography, incest, child rape (any rape), what we call "sexual harrassment" - they all fall under this commandment. And those who are victims of these (that is, not willing participants) are not guilty of breaking this commandment. In fact, there's another verse that applies specifically to those who commit the acts - but again, another post.

Examine your heart, read the word of God and study what He has to say on this subject. There are numerous verses with regard to all the sins that get lumped into this commandment. Satan has much power in the disregard of this one! Far too many people (Christian people) have their opinions based on what society accepts and not what God accepts --- GOD SAYS NO!!!