Friday, July 8, 2011

~ "Thank you for taking the time to review my resume..."

What then shall I do when God riseth up? and when he visiteth, what shall I answer him (Job 31:14)

Each one of us has an exit/entrance interview with God. No one will be exempt. Atheist and preacher, general and private, young and old, rich and poor...everyone! What will you bring to Him on that day? What will you offer Him that tells Him you walked the path of righteousness in Jesus' name? Your good intentions? Your "tomorrows"?

It's hard to be a Christian if you look at it as a job. You have so much time each day to get your work done, and you live for the weekend so that you don't have to do anything that pertains to the job. But then again, some Christians I know only work an hour a week. Perhaps they feel that their souls are "independently wealthy" and they do not need to put forth any more effort than attending church once a week. That's a very unsettling thought! They grumble and groan as they drag their feet getting dressed and out the door to go to their church assembly. They complain all the way there about the traffic or the economy. They walk in a minute or two before the service starts, sit in their pew half asleep, scramble to write out a check that does not reflect anywhere near ten percent of their income, keep looking at their watch and run out the door before the service ends so they don't get stuck in the parking lot. While they're jockeying for position to turn on to the main road, one of their other loyal church-goers cuts them off, they flip them the bird and utter an insult equating their mother to a NYC prostitute and drive like Tony Stewart for the first 2 miles of their trip home. They walk in the door, throw down the keys and pop the top on a cold one and hole up in front of the TV for the rest of the afternoon! Wow! All that in one hour! What an accomplishment!!! Our Heavenly Father must be very pleased with THAT devotion!

Get excited about serving the Lord!!! If you aren't being fed (spiritually) at the church you are at - find another one! There are plenty of them out there! Look forward to getting up, put on your best (not the jeans you wore to the concert the night before - unless they are the only clothes you own). Get there early. Talk to people, ask about their week, share with them yours. Make a new friend! Sit where you won't be distracted, listen intently (sometimes what you think may be a "waste of time" sermon can turn out to be one of the best ones you will hear). Wait until the service is over. Talk to the person who sat in front of you or behind you. Even if it's to only tell them that you hope they have a great week! Grab a few of your friends and go for lunch - it doesn't have to be a five-star restaurant - go to the burger joint down the street. Fellowship! It's the key to living a good Christian life! Share your thoughts with others. Listen to theirs! Build a resume that includes devotion, caring, love, compassion, understanding and charity!

Do everything to glorify the Lord! From the smallest task of your day (which is probably brushing your teeth) to the most difficult - do it with all your heart and soul! Make it an offering to Him...not a chore, not an eye-rolling event - do it because He asks you to! Put forth an honest effort to bring honor to His gift to you. Use your talents in ways that others cannot. Find a "cause" either within your church walls or your community that reflects service to Him. There are many ways in which to do so - you don't need to create a new one (unless, of course, the Lord lays that on your heart). Find one! Give the very best you can to it (not money - time, devotion and prayer). Do it with a smile on your face knowing that God is pleased with your offering! And when the time comes for you to stand before Him, you won't be twisting your hands and looking at your feet ~ you will proudly stand before Him and say "I did this for you!!!"