Saturday, July 30, 2011

~ "Look at me, I'm talking to a celebrity - (yes, I talk to God)!!!"

In whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace (Ep 1:7)

To say that "there is power in the blood" is an understatement. Without the shed blood of Jesus, there is no redemption. Old Testament teachings remind us that atonement for sin came through animal sacrifice -it was the "blood" that cleansed the sin. Even from the first sin of disobedience, in the garden. God, Himself, performed the first sacrifice to show us how it's done. By making clothes for Adam and Eve, He put an innocent being to death in order to cover them with it's fur.

Jesus was innocent of the charges levied against Him. He was guilty of nothing, yet He was crucified as a common thief. He took on the weight of all our sins - all of them, not just a few here and there - every sin that had ever committed or would ever be committed. Remember, He is God - on His mind that day were all the transgressions of the world for as long as it had been in existence and for as long as it would continue to be in existence. He suffered greatly for what is now free to us. Salvation!!!

Every one of our sins was accounted for on that day. The rest is up to us. We can either accept or reject the power of the blood. We can either accept or reject the grace and mercy which is ours for the asking. We can either accept or reject the road that is laid before us. If we accept, we must profess. We must believe and be obedient. We must spread the good news to all who can hear and will listen. No one is above forgiveness, no one will escape the physical death that comes as a result of the sin of man.

Once we're forgiven, it's forgotten - wiped away as if it never existed. That is why it is so important to ask for it and make the effort to refrain from it. Our "changed" behaviors, attitudes and thought process (which comes to us through the Holy Spirit) causes those changes to occur. The "want" to change must be greater than the sin itself. I look out over the social networking sites and still see foul language, using of His name in ways that are not of praise and vulgar images that flow through the news feeds like water through a fountain! The time is now! Do not allow your "false gods" (you idols, your heroes) to come first and foremost in your lives. Make the change, as for forgiveness with sincerity, humility and honesty. Half hearted attempts will not be satisfactory - give Him your all!!! Give HIM the honor and joy that you tend to reserve for your celebrities - He's much more impressive than any of them (and much more deserving - after all, the gifts and talents you admire in them came to them through Him)!

So remember that the grace is God's voluntary and loving favor given to those He saves. We can't earn it, nor do we deserve it No religious or moral effort can gain it, for it comes only from God's mercy and love. Without God's grace, no person can be saved. It comes as a result of the perfect and final sacrifice!