Tuesday, February 22, 2011

~ "...time for Him!!!"

Look you on me, and be merciful to me, as you use to do to those that love your name. (Ps 119:132)

In this verse, we see David's request for God to favor him. He comes to our King humbly and graciously petitions him for mercy. David loved God!

In all the things we do each day, do we remember to thank God for the ability to do them? Do we take the time out of our busy schedules and devote even five uninterrupted minutes to praising and thanking him? Is he an afterthought when we crawl into bed at night? Do we praise him and thank him for answered prayers with the same fervency that we petition him?

Most of us will say "yes, I do spend time in prayer - I do spend time praising him and thanking him for all he's given me". I would include myself in that answer. I would also say that there are days when I don't spend as much time in prayer as I should or could. I find other things to ease my "boredom". My mind wanders to a place where "all is well" and the images there do not fade away and become lost in the surroundings. And then the reality of this world pulls me back into it and I remember that it is only by the power of God that I am. How could I ever deny him time?

Our little "escapes" from this world are okay, so long as they are in moderation and don't take away from what should always be in the foreground of our days...GOD!!! Once they consume all of our free time, we have none left for him. He always has time to listen to a prayer or a praise. We need to set aside the time to spend with him.

Make the time to spend in quiet conversation with the Lord. Give him your undivided attention, your uninterrupted praises and the blessings will fall on you like rain. Give him the glory he deserves and he will in turn call your name!