Monday, February 14, 2011

~ "Be mine..."

And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these [is] charity. (1 Cor 13:13)

So many verses to choose from that convey love...this is one of my favorites (as I love the letters to the Corinthians). In most of my posts, I uses the text from either the New King James Version or the New International Version of the Bible (checking it against the King James Version for accuracy). I do that because it is easier for those unfamiliar with the Bible to not become discouraged when trying to read and understand the word of God. Today's verse is straight out of the King James Version.

The word "charity" means love! When you perform a "charitable" act, you are doing something out of love. Christ gave us the most unselfish of all gifts. His love for us, the "charity" shown us on that cross that was raised on Calvary, is the single most significant showing of affection ever recorded. It's not about big red heart boxes filled with candy, nor is it about a dozen long-stemmed roses. It's about the blood that was shed for all. For each and every one of us was condemned to die, and in that moment, we were delivered! That, my friends, is love!

I try to find something positive about this holiday of love. I read one status line this morning that made me laugh - "Singles Awarenss Day" - well, I've spent more Valentine's Days being single than married or in a relationship (which is a lot of Valentine's Days) and I really find it rather depressing. Even in grammar school, the ritual of handing out little cards to your friends was not exactly something I looked forward to. I was lucky to get a handful - never any from the "boys" though. I made it a point to make sure that everyone got one, because I knew how it felt to be left out and didn't want to be the one causing that feeling in someone else. I remember one boy actually asking me if I gave him the card (thinking perhaps someone was playing a joke on him).

In the years that have passed since the days of Valentine's Day parties, the years of roses and chocolates, and the joy of sharing this day with someone special, I have come to know one thing. I have someone who loves me each and every day. I have someone who thought so much of me that he went to the cross and died for me. He rose from the dead to make a way for me to free of death and spend eternity with him. His love for me transcends all love. My worth to him is immeasurable. I AM his! Without the hearts and flowers and the gooey cards, he has pledged his love to me! The "arrow through the heart" has been replaced by the piercing of his side. The roses have been replaced with a crown of thorns. He speaks beautiful words to me each and every time I open his book.

Paul tells us throughout his letters that it's "okay" to be single. It's also okay to be married. It is a human desire to have a partner. Those we are bound to here will not be who we are bound to in heaven. We will not be alone, we will not be forgotten, we will not be left out - we will be (as we have always been) loved!