Thursday, March 3, 2011

~ " think you know Him???"

Hearken; Behold, there went out a sower to sow (Mark 4:3)

Each of us has a "job" to do. We are all sowers. We all plant seeds.

Jesus tells us to spread the Good News! We are commanded to share the Gospel with everyone (that includes those who are commanded to "kill all Christians"). Those "radicals" are also children of God. They have been "programed" to worship another. They have a soul that is reachable. Their belief system can be broken down and they can be persuaded - individually!

We have people (Christians, if you will) right here in our own country that have been "programmed" by their church to worship deities other than the living God! We've seen instances where entire groups of people have been preyed upon and have died in the name of someone's "church". These cults come about when one person takes it upon him or herself to interpret God's word to fit their selfish goal of control! They want to be in charge - they want to be above God! And where does this desire stem from? Take it back to the very beginning, when one angel decided he wanted to be the boss!

Right now, this world belong to Satan and his demonic entities. They wreak havoc and taunt and tempt without regard. They care only about enlisting as many "fallen souls" as they possibly can in their struggle to gain control. In the end, they WILL be destroyed! They sow seeds as well: seeds of hate, anger, despair and irreverent behaviors. No one is exempt from their deviousness. Some of their work is obvious, but a lot of it is not - only a small fraction can identify his work and separate it from that which is of God!

Sow the seeds of righteousness! Take your cue from his word! Read it, study it, bury it in your heart! Take every opportunity that presents itself to the fullest! Be the one who says "no" to the enemy on a regular basis. Fight his sly ways! Remind those around you that only Jesus saves! Remind those around you that all the answers are written in the Bible! All the teachings of "religion" does not take the place of reading and knowing the word of God! Find out for yourself! Don't take my word for it (or anyone else's word for that matter). What good is reading a daily devotional if you don't apply what you read to your daily life? Once again, I encourage you to open that book written by GOD! If you don't own one, buy one! If you don't know what one to buy, ask me - I won't steer you wrong (I have no stock in the publishing companies and I don't get kick-backs from what you buy). Spend time in his word, spend time in his presence! Plant his seeds in the hearts of those you love and of those around you! Be a part of a full and fruitful harvest!