Sunday, March 6, 2011

~ "Destination: Lansdale..."

And the priest said to them, Go in peace: before the LORD is your way wherein you go. (Judges 18:6)

As you sip your coffee and read this morning's post, a new chapter in my life has begun. The many blessings I have received in the past four years have prepared me to continue to do his work where ever it is I am. I left Tennessee with tears in my eyes. I will miss my friends and my church family. But they will be no farther away than an internet connection, a phone call or a web-chat.

When I usually would think of the drive ahead of me, I would become overwhelmed with the thought of being on the road, in the car with nothing but the radio for about 10 hours. The drive through Virginia is long and boring with nothing but mountain ranges on either side of me. This trip was different. I had 3 dogs anxiously awaiting release from their secure little habitat in the back of the SUV. I had a 20 year old behind the wheel, towing two waverunners up the interstate. I also to "share" the music that fills the car - a compromise that I generally don't make. But we survived the trip - a bit frazzled, a bit cranky and a bit frustrated - but safe and in one piece! Praise God!!!

This is in God's plan for me. What I will be doing here is also in God's plan for me. He has graciously blessed me once again with a roof over my head, a beautiful and inspiring view (well, okay - it's not the Appalachian view I've grown accustomed to) and family! The key that unlocked this opportunity was prayer and praise! Prayer for the Lord to open a door and praise for all the blessings he has bestowed upon me. I will continue to do his work, to witness to his mercy and grace and to worship him and only him!

Let God open doors for you! The possibilities are endless!