Tuesday, March 1, 2011

~ "His eye is on the sparrow..."

Fear you not therefore, you are of more value than many sparrows. (Matt 10:31)

What value do we place on our children? They are irreplaceable and they mean more to us than life itself. How much more does our heavenly Father love us!

We face "trials" and problems of everyday life with a guarantee that we do not do it alone. We are watched over constantly and, if we allow him, the Holy Spirit guides us. We have nothing to fear. We are at all times in his sight!

When the anxieties of this world start pressing in, where do you turn? Do you try to sort it all out in your own mind? Do you try to find solutions to issues that you clearly have no control over? I used to...I leave it all in God's hands now! My ex-husband would tell you that when anything stressful crossed my door step - I would shut down both physically and emotionally. I would become paralyzed. I could do nothing (and I'm not stretching that). If he were to come to help my children move me, he would most likely have a heart attack! I have a reputation of leaving the packing to either someone else or the last minute. Not this time! Everything is ready to go, properly packed, stacked and labeled - and I have not packed a full trash can (yes, it's been known to happen).

Before I allowed God to have control over my life, it was a complete and utter disaster. Depression and physical maladies took turns wreaking havoc on my body. Chaos had made it's home in my brain and evil lurked in my heart. I could tell you to visit the enemy and actually make you look forward to taking the trip. My vocabulary consisted of four-letter words and those words could blister paint! I was destined to spend my eternity with Satan himself!

All of that has changed! I have come to realize that I am much more important to God than the sparrows (not that they are not important to Him). I am cherished and treasured. I am loved beyond my own ability to love. I am guarded from the demons that lurk and seek to destroy me. The value of my soul is priceless. My mission is very clear! My work has only just begun!

You, too, have a mission waiting to be accepted. Our heavenly Father calls out to you and asks you to accept his challenge! The children of the living God are doers! Do not sit passively by waiting for someone else to do what he is asking you to do! If you are not part of the solution, then you are a part of the problem. BE the solution! Spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ any way you can! Let others know and see the work of the Lord through you! Prove your worth!