Friday, March 11, 2011

~ "The itsy, bitsy spider..."

And God made the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind: and God saw that [it was] good. (Gen 1:25)

God created every creature that walks (or has walked) upon the earth. From the mighty dinosaur to the little ant. They were all created with a purpose and each have a job to do, although we may think that some of them were created to annoy us.

We know that the bees pollenate and produce honey. We know that birds fill the air with the beauty of their flight and the sound of their songs. We have pets that we care for and love (and they love us back). We also know that the insects perform a task that is probably unsettling to most, insomuch as they aid in returning our dead remains back to the earth. All of God's creatures also have a plan.

My oldest daughter will argue with you and tell you that spiders do not serve a purpose and do not have a plan - yet if you watch one spin a web, you can see the beauty and the intricacy of it. Even the most ferocious of beasts have purpose.

God has tasked us with watching over the beasts of the earth. They are our responsibility. We are to see to it that they are protected and cared for - not necessarily as pets, but as inhabitants of this planet. Our greed and our lusts for "bigger and better" have caused serious harm to many (oil spills, deforestation, air pollution, ground pollution, beach erosion, etc). Maybe we need to be more ecologically minded; maybe we just need to be more aware of what goes on around us (as opposed to being the ostrich with our heads stuck in the sand).

Remember that God cares for his creatures (all of his creatures), yet, none more so that us! We are his best creation. We are his "shining stars". His love for us surpasses any and everything - that's why he sent his son to die for us! We mean that much to him! Take the time to look at all the creatures God has created - then look into the mirror and know that you are the best one! You are HIS pride and joy! Honor him by respecting his creations - and that includes respecting yourself! You are worth more than you know! Allow God to show you just how much!!!