Tuesday, March 8, 2011

~ "The GOOD shepherd..."

I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me-- (John 10:14)

Jesus is our shepherd. He takes care to see that we are not in danger. He searches for us when we are lost. He rejoices when we are found! He feeds us and watches over us. He knows each of us by name. He knows our habits and our faults. He knows how far each of us can go before we tire. He knows which one will be distracted by scents or smells. He knows what we see and think. He hears us when we are content and when we are sad. He hears our cries for help in the dead of night. He has seen the best in us (and the worst). He loves us with all he has. There is absolutely nothing that he wouldn't do for us - in fact, he died for us!

Do you know the Shepherd? Can you hear him calling to you? Have you answered his call or just ignored him hoping he will go away and you can get on with the lifestyle you choose to lead? Have you flatly refused to follow him? Have you committed yourself to another "shepherd" who really isn't a shepherd, but rather a "wolf in sheep's clothing"? Have you chosen the path that is paved and easy as opposed to rocky and hard? Do you believe you have fallen from his guiding hand and won't be accepted back into the fold? Have you given up?

Take heart, my friends! He is never farther away than the sound of your whispered voice. He sits beside you on the subway. He is there when you pour that first cup of coffee. He stands over you when you take that disturbing phone call. He wraps his arms around you when you are in despair. He is there when you get that promotion. He is there when it goes to someone else. He is always there!

Don't be afraid to place your trust in him. He will not harm you in any way! Unlike the enemy, he carries your well-being and your chosen eternity with him in his heart. He wants you to share in the glory. He wants you to be there to see the defeat of the enemy. Give in to him! Listen to the sound of his voice directing your path. Know that he will not mislead you or offer you something he cannot deliver. Know that he loves you more than anything and wants you to learn about his love! Take the time to get to know him and you will forever WANT to be led! Give yourself over to the Shepherd - be a part of HIS flock!