Wednesday, December 29, 2010

~ "Safe at home..."

And Jacob vowed a vow, saying, If God will be with me, and will keep me in this way that I go, and will give me bread to eat, and raiment to put on... (Gen 28:20)

I thank God right now for returning me safely to Tennessee!!! It's been a very long day since I had to get up at 3am and was in the car for 2 hours driving to Baltimore to catch a flight to Atlanta and then another flight to Tri-Cities in Tennessee. It is certainly a good feeling to be home with my critters and in my "usual" spot for my posting. Not quite sure how this is gonna work when I move. But I'm sure that God knows...he always does!

Sometimes we become so comfortable in our lives that change scares the tar out of us! At least it does me! Having to step off the plane on Christmas Eve in Philly (an airport I'd never been in) was very overwhelming - not because of it's size - because it was unfamiliar to me. Had I flown into Newark Liberty I would have been just fine. We are creatures of habit. We like things the same. When God begins to work on us, most often it's gradual - at least up to that point where we realize he's calling our name. Once we've answered his call - he will help us to become comfortable where ever we are. Being home for Christmas this year reminded me of what I've been missing ~ family!!! Even though my "Tennessee Family" loves me and always includes me in just about everything they do, there is nothing as exciting as seeing the members of the family that holds your memories. To see the "next generation" as they tear open their Christmas gifts, seeing those who were once babies you held with boyfriends is truly a joy! Knowing that God's plan for you includes them helps you to be reassured that you are truly in his will!

There will be a lot of changes in my life in the next few months, but the one thing that will remain the same is my love for God! He will work out the details...I will just go along for the ride and know that whatever he gives me is what I need. There will be a place for me to sit every morning and talk to him, there will be a breathtaking view from my soul to him. It doesn't matter where that physical location is - he will be with me no matter what!

Know that his plan for you is a safe journey home. What he gives you along the way (the sightseeing tour of life) is something you can participate in and rejoice in! It's not always what we think it might be but it's always what he wants it to be! Praise him for everything! He's got your best interest in mind!