Monday, December 27, 2010

~ "Come and sit beside me and we'll talk..."

Therefore are they before the throne of God, and serve him day and night in his temple: and he that sits on the throne shall dwell among them. (Rev 6:15)

He shall dwell among them...what an awesome thought! To not only be in the presence of my God, my Creator, my Master - but to have him right there - for me to see!!! We see the wonderful miracles that are God everyday - in each thing created - from the tiny insects to the sun and the stars - to gaze upon his face will not even compare to any of the wonders we have been privileged to enjoy!

Right now, I am sitting at a kitchen table about 600 miles from my "normal" writing habitat. I've been in Pennsylvania since late Friday afternoon - my Christmas gift from my children was a flight home for a few days. The joy of seeing their faces through a sea of strangers when I arrived made my heart beat a little bit faster. I can only imagine that feeling when I finally get to meet Jesus and my God!

It's taken me a few days to adjust to being here (as opposed to 'there') - just in time to climb aboard another aircraft to return me to Tennessee. Spending time with family gives me the opportunity to make more memories to hold me over until February - the tears shed when I saw my daughter-in-law's sisters and brothers (and her Mom & Dad, of course) followed by the smiling faces of my own daughters makes me pause and praise God once again.

God's blessings continue to come, in spite of our human compulsion to sin. His forgiveness is constant and his presence is felt no matter where you are. He opens our eyes to what pleases him and what he finds distasteful on a daily basis. He helps us to hold on and find our footing when we are sliding on the ice and in danger of falling. He understands the temptations of the enemy and reminds us of a day when there will be no more. Perseverance and faith become the most prevalent of all our tools to battle Satan. Our strength comes from God and from knowing the victory that lies ahead of us. We can't lose!

Let God's love for you continue to warm your heart and light your way! Let him change in you what he needs to change for your reconciliation with him to be complete! Allow him to open a door that no other being can open and offer you that perfect gift! Accept it now, cherish it now and move into the New Year with a new life ~ a saved life filled with mercy and grace! Move into his life for you!