Sunday, September 22, 2013

~ "Understanding..."

Therefore my people will go into exile for lack of understanding; their men of rank will die of hunger and their masses will be parched with thirst. (Is 5:13)

We do not go through life alone.  We walk side by side with a partner, a guide, a mentor and a protector.  We have human needs and spiritual needs.  Some go through life surrounded by beautiful things and a multitude of friends and acquaintances.  Some go through life with nothing but the promise of a new day.  Too often those who reach out in their loneliness are met with the statement that they "are never alone".  In so much as this is true, for God is always with us, it does not bring comfort to the one who is lacking in human companions or a partner.  Sometimes we say things to others that do not help to console them, but they certainly bolster our own egos because we feel we've offered them a revelation into what is tearing at them - "I'm sorry for your loss" - very overrated.  I'm sorry to say that the same is true for the statement "you are never alone".

When someone says that they "feel so alone" - listen to the words, listen to the emotion behind the words!  They are not telling you that they think God has abandoned them; if they are a Christian, they know very well that our Lord walks beside them and has His arms wrapped around them.  What they are feeling has nothing to do with their faith, their commitment to God or their salvation.  It has to do with a human need.  We were not designed to be solitary.  We were designed to interact with others, physically and emotionally.  We were designed to give and receive love from one another.  

If you can't help a situation, don't hinder it.  Don't indulge in the favorite pastime of telling others you understand, when you haven't got the first clue as to what it is they are experiencing.  Maybe all they really need is for you to listen.  Maybe all they want from you is a hug.  Don't delude yourself into thinking that they do not know God's mercy - they know it better than you think!  They fight each day to live by God's values and standards.  They struggle to remain "honorable".  They are choosing not to turn away and be distracted by the enemy.  Lift them up in prayer, ask God to fill that empty, aching hole and bless them.  They are closer to heaven than they realize (thank you, Jesus) - they just need some love here on earth!