Wednesday, June 5, 2013

~ "You talk...God listens..."

Pray without ceasing. (1 Thes 5:17)
Constant communication with the Lord?  Is is possible?  
It is not possible to turn off your brain.  You are constantly thinking about something.  When your mind isn't being focused on work, school or the operations of your home, instead of allowing it to take you down some past or distant road or to the "what might have beens", allow it to take you to a place of communication with the Lord.  Your words to Him do not have to be eloquently structured or passionately written to be prayers.  Sometimes the simplest "help me, Lord" is all you need to convey your heart's desire.  Besides - He already knows what you're going to ask Him. He knew it before you even realized you needed or wanted it, so your request comes as no surprise to Him, so don't worry about how you word your prayer (with all the "thee's and thou's").  Talk to Him, just like you talk to your friends.  
There are times when we should follow a formalized style of praying (in our "prayer" time, with our family, or at church services), but for the most part, there are many hours in the day when we can be praying and not have it be as structured as so many believe prayer is.  While driving in the car, listening to a Christian radio station, singing along with the music - that's praying (if you are glorifying God and praising His name).  There are also times when your mind begins to drift to situations and problems you may have in your life - for me, when that occurs, it's usually mixed in with "Lord, what should I do about this?" or "Lord, can you help me to see what I'm missing here?"  When I sit at the table eating (and it's usually alone), my thanks go to Him for the food I'm eating and the conversation with Him continues.  Any quiet time can be spent in prayer.  
Even in a large gathering your mind tends to wander at times - let it wander to Him!  He's a great listener and loves it when your thoughts are of Him!  Point your emptied mind in the direction of His tender care and He will direct your path.  Allow yourself the opportunity to be in constant communication with Him and you will see that the worries of the day seem to fade away into the nothingness that they truly are.  Remembering that this is not our home and that the longings we feel that we cannot name just may be for the gates of heaven, makes your prayer all the more spectacular.  If it comes from the heart and not from a book, it's your prayer to Him.  
Reprogram your mind (if you don't already do it) and instead of the daydreams of what you wish your life was like, take that opportunity to thank Him for what it is like and for what it is not like.  Take the time to refresh your love for Him as opposed to worrying about something you can do nothing about.  Stop asking Him to fix the world and just tell Him you love Him.  Stay the words out loud if you have to - don't take for granted that He knows you love Him (which, by the way, He does) - profess your love for Him daily!  Just as you like to hear those words, God likes to hear them, too!
To pray without ceasing is not impossible.  Nothing is impossible!  Offer to God your prayers of thanksgiving, your prayers of sorrow and your prayers of need in Jesus' name!  Talk to God...He listens!