Tuesday, June 4, 2013

~ "Lies..."

In those days, and in that time, saith the LORD, the children of Israel shall come, they and the children of Judah together, going and weeping: they shall go, and seek the LORD their God. (Jer 50:4)

The fall of Babylon immediately followed by the return of the exiles homewards, in tearful procession, because they went as penitents; and yet with joy, because their faces were toward Zion. The cessation moreover of the schism between Israel and Judah was one of the signs of the times of the Messiah (Isaiah 11:12-13), and symbolically represented the gathering together of the warring empires of the world under the peaceful scepter of the Church's King. (Barnes' Notes).

It seems to me that God has always done two things when it comes to his chosen people.  He has always reminded them (rather harshly at times) that He is their God and they are to serve only Him and that anyone who dares to hold them captive or try to destroy them as a nation will meet with their own destruction.  Throughout history (and throughout the His word) there is constant and overwhelming evidence that any nation given to persecuting the Israeli people has met with annihilation.  We need only read His word to see that God will ensure their safe return to Him.  Once again, we see in this verse, His compassion for His people and His anger at those who do not listen.

The same holds true for us.  We have our moments when we go "weeping" - seeking His justice on those who "persecute" us.  We ask why.  We continue to follow a path that is often blown over with dust and dirt and we walk and walk until we see the faint light of day reaching over the edge of that road.  He speaks to our hearts and reminds us we are His, all while we suffer and struggle to maintain our balance between this world and His commands.  We often take two steps forward and three steps back.  Yet we continue to take steps.  We are constantly reminded of our failures and the inability of others to see the changes made in our lives.  We are forever tortured by the remnants of our past that seem to follow us into ever circumstance we encounter.  They are never forgotten, they are never erased.  We cry out for justice and the silencing of their lying tongues and we are met with silence. 

The justice we seek, the half truths and flat out lies that continue to find their way back into our lives and all laid on a balance on a human plane; which, in itself, is exactly what we should expect since we are in fact, human!   God's justice is often long in coming, but it does come.  Remembering the times in our lives when had the justice others though we deserved been levied should cause us to stop and be a little more patient with those who now seek to destroy us through their words and actions.  Had God rendered the judgement they sought on us, would we be where we are now?  Praying the our Heavenly Father turns their hearts and silences their lies is the only justice we dare ask for.  

Take heart!  Their persecution of you will not last forever.  It never has.  God has removed the stains and washed you clean with the blood of Jesus. He will do the same for those who continue to seek to bring you down to their level, if they ask Him to.  They may only be moments away from accepting Jesus - remember, our God knows all things!  Our human imperfections cry out for justice, our souls cry out for His peace!  Continue to pray for their acceptance of Him and the Lord will guard and protect your soul from the enemy.  Be as patient as the Israelites held in captivity by the Pharaoh, be as long-suffering as the captives of Babylon, be as steadfast and unwavering in your faith as Job and be as compassionate as Jesus.  Your justice will come - in His time and in His way - not yours!