Saturday, June 8, 2013

~ "You found me..."

(with my Dad in the 1970's)
The day following Jesus would go forth into Galilee, and findeth Philip, and saith unto him, Follow me. (John 1:45)

Do you remember the day that Jesus found you?  I surely do!  It was not the day that I actually accepted His love, mercy and grace, but it was a day that I will never forget!  In my fear I cried out for help and my prayer was answered.  There stood a fisherman, whose footprints led me out of what I believed to be certain death.  It wasn't until many years later that I would accept Him and walk with Him.

We are all on His list of people to find.  He wants each of us to come to know Him, to love Him and to serve Him.  It may not be a life filled with bling and joy, but it is a life filled with unbreakable promises!  Once He has captured your attention, you cannot walk away because you know that at any moment your life could change again and you want Him to be a part of it - whether its a joyous change or a terrifying change.  You know that even in the worst situations, He is there with you, holding you up, holding you tight and not letting you go.  

Our Heavenly Father reaches down each day and blesses us.  He has blessed me with a job (finally), He has blessed me with family and friends, I have a roof over my head and food on the table.  There is a car outside and the gas tank is not riding on empty.  He always makes a way for each of us, we just have to be willing to wait on His timing (which is always perfect).  He also blessed me with a father on earth who spent many years working hard to put food on the table and provide for us.  We didn't have the niceties of this world, but we had love, discipline and we were taught about God.  I hated that discipline when I was a teenager - I cherish it now because it prepared me to do the work I do for the Lord.  My Dad (aka "Nick") loves me very much.  I used to tell people that he had a strange way of showing it (because I very rarely got my way).  My Father in Heaven rarely gives me my own way, but I know He, too, loves me and has my best interest in hand.

God blesses each of us with a father (whether he is attentive to our needs, loving and caring or not).  Without him, we would not exist.  If you carry bitterness in your heart, bitterness will follow you.  Let it go!  Remember that God's plan for you sometimes includes a trial or two, a pain or two and disappointments.  Without them, we could not appreciate the blessings He bestows upon us.  If He hasn't found His way into your heart yet, it could be that you're hiding it from Him.  Don't be angry at God for the way things have turned out, rejoice that He's looking for you and wants so much to find you!  He's been trying to get your attention for some time now.  Allow Him in - you'll be very glad that you have!