Friday, February 17, 2012

~ "I will lift my eyes..."

To you lift I up my eyes, O you that dwell in the heavens. (Ps 123:1)
We all do it.  We look up at the sky and ask "why?"  I've looked at the ceiling in my house, in my trailer and cried out for help at one time or another.  We lift our eyes toward heaven!  We know that beyond that great expanse known as the sky, is something greater! 
Generally speaking, when looking for something, people never look up.  Christians look up all the time!  They look to the heavens - where their Creator is.  They look to the sky - which was where their Savior ascended to.  They look up - like children at the feet of their parents - they look up to their Father in heaven!
When we cry our for help or for mercy, we are heard.  Our pleas do not fall on deaf ears, nor are they ignored.  They are responded to, maybe not in the way we'd like them to be, but they are responded to just the same.  We most often do not understand the reasoning for what we see as pain and sorrow - the "whys" of our lives sometimes to go unanswered.  It is not to say that there is not a reason for them, for there's just not the right time for it to be revealed to us.  Some things are never revealed.  So we continue to lift our eyes - we continue to cry out - and not without praise and thanksgiving for that which we have while we wait.
As you struggle, know that your fight is not unknown to God.  Lift your eyes, continue to cry out and praise him and he will not leave you abandoned by the side of the road.  He will lift you up out of the pain and set you into the greatest of joys.  Allow your faith to swell inside and carry you safely to his waiting arms.  He's waiting to hold you as you pray...are you ready for him to hear you?

(photo by Warrick Moore)