Wednesday, February 8, 2012

~ "Anything you can do I can do better..."

Can the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard its spots? Neither can you do good who are accustomed to doing evil. (Jer 13:23)
 No, leopards cannot change their spots - God can, but leopards cannot.  Sometimes the enemy continues to hurl things at us in an attempt to dissuade us from our path.  Sometimes he even wins.  Not today!  Not this time!
We all have that certain person we pray for, hope the best for, would love to see "change" before our eyes...the reality it - they will not change unless God changes them.  And it's not because He can't - it's because they will not accept the gift being offered to them simply because that would mean a lifestyle change...mostly they refuse to give up "miserable" for anything.  They seem to enjoy it!  It draws attention (negative attention, but attention just the same).  Little do these renegades realize the attention they could draw if they put down the sword they use to cut people down with and picked up the crown being offered to them by Christ!
Petty jealousy turns to identity theft (not the kind that takes your social security number and destroys your credit).  Trying to do something better, generally works for a while, but then even that is not enough and they begin to grasp at anything that will make them look and seem larger than life.  Sad, really, that some people do not have enough faith in themselves (not to mention a faith in God) to be able to just be good at one thing - they find the need to be better at everything - it's not determination, or a strong sense of self worth, it's not even a form of flattery.  It is envy - pure and simple - and it has no place in God's kingdom.
Turn your mind and your heart away from those who would bring you down to their level of lusts.  Their lusts are not for material things...they are greater - they are lusts for accolades and pride - neither of which can be wholly achieved through the efforts they employ, because their "passions" were never theirs to begin with - they simply picked up someone else's ideas and tried to make a better statement (crushing and hurting others as they climbed their ladder of unsuccess).  Remember, God knows your heart, He knows your hurt - He will deliver you and in a great way.  Continue to lift your hands in praise (it's not likely any of them will steal that).   God most certainly has a plan for you - ask Him to lead you and be prepared to follow!  Most people will never change but you can change through acceptance of Jesus!  Let Him wash away the spots and change you into the person He needs you to be - not a copycat or an imitation - an original disciple of Jesus!!!