Monday, December 26, 2011

~ "One down, one to go..."

And the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace of them that make peace. (James 3:18)

Have you ever known anyone who claimed to be wise, but acted foolishly? True wisdom can be measured by the depth of one's character. As you can identify a tree by the type of fruit it produces, you can evaluate your wisdom by the way you act. Foolishness leads to disorder, but wisdom leads to peace and goodness. (LASB).

I had the opportunity to receive a gift yesterday that did not come wrapped in paper or adorned with a bow. God graciously answered a prayer this Christmas. As I sat at my sister's, I watched, trying desperately to hide the tears that began to roll down my face. "Making peace" is what the season is all about! I could not have asked for a better gift.

We often say and do things that hurt others. Sometimes we immediately regret the words that fall from our lips yet cannot undo them. Sometimes it takes years for the hurt to subside; sometime it never does. When Jesus told us to "turn the other cheek", He was laying the ground work for peace. He set examples for each one of us about forgiveness while He hung dying on the cross. Yet, far too many times we refuse to follow His lead. Our stubbornness, our pride, tend to get in the way of peace. We don't always have to agree with the motives and methods of others, but we do have to remember that they, too, are children of the King and keeping that in mind, we are obligated to forgive all who harm us and to make peace with one another.

When we begin to take those first steps in forgiveness and peace, we begin a walk that propels us into a greater walk - a walk with the Holy Spirit - a walk of faith in God's promises - a walk with Jesus to Calvary. Letting go of our "old ways" and turning to God for guidance is often not as difficult as we make it. We go to Him broken and we are fixed. We go to Him humbled and we are lifted up. We go to Him teachable and become the very teachers of His love. ALL things are possible!!!

Lift your chin up and let the love of God hit your face! He will broaden that smile that you carry, He will lighten the burdens of your heart and He will bless your life with mercy and grace! He promised...