Monday, November 7, 2011

~ "Lost..."

God sets the lonely in families, he leads forth the prisoners with singing; but the rebellious live in a sun-scorched land. (Ps 68:6)

It was a time to sing praises to the Lord, whose presence brings great joy. With shouts of praise and the sound of trumpets, David and his people took the holy Ark toward Mount Zion (2 Sam 6:15). Only in God is there hope for the orphans, widows, prisoners, and all other lonely people. If you re among the ranks of the lonely or disadvantaged, join David in praise and discover great joy as you invite Him to be with you!

Loneliness is a terrible feeling. Although people will tell you that "you are never alone, the Lord is always with you", I doubt very much if they truly know what it means to be lonely. While in Tennessee, far away from my family and friends, God blessed me with a new family and a new group of friends. They were there for me. We shared holidays and laughter (most times, the tears would be rolling down my face). They took me in as if I were one of their own (sister, daughter). They included me at their dinner table and their family gatherings. I WAS family! They looked forward to spending time with me, and I with them. We shared joys and sorrows. We prayed together. Knowing I would not have that here made it very hard to leave. But God's plan for me did not include remaining there.

I don't know what it is the Lord was or is trying to show me, to teach me. I often get glimpses of what it might be, yet the full purpose of it has not been revealed to me. All I know for sure is that He wanted me here, so I humbly returned. Each day is a struggle, an uphill battle against the enemy. I fight to hold ground, slipping ever so slightly each day. It is in those times that I must turn my eyes towards heaven and call desperately upon the name of the Lord!

David praised God for His protection and provision. When we see God's true majesty, our response should be to praise Him. This was a song of faith since many of these benefits had not yet come true in David's time. It should also be our song of faith. We must continue to trust God because, in time, He will fulfill all His promises!!!