Tuesday, January 25, 2011

~ "The last crusade..."

For yet a little while, and he that shall come will come, and will not tarry. (Heb 10:37)

This verse still holds the same caution it held the moment it was written! He is coming back! He will not delay. It will be in his time and we need to be ready!

I have had discussions with some of my friends about the ability to accept Jesus on their death bed. Some of them actually think they will wait until that moment. In other words, live a life of sin and disobedience and when old and dying in their beds, say - "Here I am, Jesus, I believe!"

There are a few problems with that school of thought - but the one that I use to try and convince them that the time is now is this (and I never take on the argument that he could come back within the next five minutes). I remind them of friends that have been killed in car accidents, who have had massive heart attacks, who have been victims of random and fatal crimes. They didn't get a "death bed" to die on. There fate was sealed with a tragic death and if they were of the same thought process in waiting to accept Jesus - it never came. I am forever grateful that the Lord has chosen to wake the Holy Spirit within me and grant me the opportunity to repent and be saved! As I've said before, the mercy of God is so great! In my suicide attempts (as written in my book), had I died then I would not be spending eternity in heaven for one simple reason. Although I believed in Jesus, believed he died on the cross to open the gates of heaven - I had not accepted him as my Savior, I did not understand the concept of humility and I did not live by the standards he asked me to live by. I didn't have a clue!!!

Today, no matter what crosses my path, I have a belief and a faith! Yes, the sins of selfishness and despair still rear their ugly heads at times, but the "armor" I wear today protects me and shields me from acting upon them. In my prayers and in my reading of the Word, I find the strength to continue on through the torments designed by Satan in an attempt to win me back. I can't and won't afford him the opportunity to gain an inch of ground on my soul!

Prepare yourself for what is to come ~ and it's coming soon! Even if Jesus doesn't come today, you could just as easily meet him today! My soul is prepared ~ is yours?