Tuesday, March 12, 2013

~ "Never, ever, EVER give up..."

Be ye strong therefore, and let not your hands be weak: for your work shall be rewarded. (2 Chronicles 15:7)

Sometimes we expect much more from ourselves than what we are capable of at any given time.  Our wanting to be "perfect" is most often our downfall.  When we cannot do things the way we'd like to, when we cannot devote the time and attention to our praises and prayers, we can become discouraged.  We often think of others who seem to have it all together: the perfect prayer time, the consistency of their acts, the way it just "comes naturally" to some, yet not to us.  If you are like me, you have to struggle to focus on what it is you are reading and not become distracted in the process.  I can remember my feeble attempts at studying in high school.  The project consisted of setting up my desk, having everything I would need at my fingertips (my soda, my cigarettes, etc).  By the time I was ready to study, I'd already lost interest.  Even some mornings still occur that way.  I may go from the breakfast bar, to the table, to outside - and don't forget to refill the coffee at least twice.  All the little things that distracted me from studying still distract me from praising God.  

We will never get it right.  We do not have the capability to be perfect, nor can we ever hope to attain it while on earth.  I no longer strive for perfection.  Each day I attempt to be a little more productive than the day before.  I strive for progress.  I can't afford to beat myself up when I fall short of my own expectations.  God knows my heart.  He knows that Satan will use whatever device he can to distract me.  Even my own body turns against me at time.  Making the effort sometimes is the best that I can do.  

Reach deep into your being and pull out the parts that do not work right.  Fill that void with all that is of God and each day you will find that it's not as difficult as you want to make it.  We do that, for the most part, to excuse the defeat within ourselves.  We make failure an option.  Stop wandering from place to place and focus on what matters - God!  Don't allow the enemy the opportunity to distract you from what it is you want to do and know you should do, but can't seem to do!  Put it in God's hands, ask the Holy Spirit to bind Satan from your time in his presence.  Take the time to walk and talk with the Creator.  Take the time to read and study his word.  Take the time to be a little bit more focused on Him and not the distractions of life that surround you.  Be strong and receive your blessings with both hands lifted to him in praise and thanksgiving!  He knows you are trying ~ he won't give up on you - so don't give up on him!!!