Thursday, March 21, 2013

~ "I had a dream..."

And blessed is she that believed: for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord. (Luke 1:45)

We are never out of God's sight.  Our thoughts and prayers reach out to him no matter where we are and no matter what time it is.  We can be wide awake or sound asleep. 

God calls us to live better lives and to make that life an example of his love.  What we do for his glory returns to us in the form of blessings.  He communicates with us through his word, through others and sometimes directly.  He WILL tell you what you need to know.  Our faith in him and his promises are the cornerstone of our walk with him.  Without faith in Jesus, without faith in his word, and without faith that he can do ALL things, we cannot realize the plan he has for us!  Nothing is impossible for him!  

We think in human terms - linear, probability, statistically, and dimensionally...we think INSIDE the box.  God works OUTSIDE the box.  The capabilities of our Lord do not fit any standard we can conceive. The accomplishments attained that are outside the box are what we call miracles.  How many times have we said "it would take a miracle"???  Well, God still works miracles ever day!  I've seen them, I've experienced them and I believe in them and all the possibilities that exist because of that belief.  He has reasons for granting and not granting our earnest prayers.  Sometimes he says "yes", sometimes he says "no", and sometimes he says "wait".  

If you open your heart and soul to what HE wants for you, as opposed to what you want for yourself, some wonderful things will begin to take place.  No, not all of your dreams will come true, and sometimes many changes must take place in order for that prayer to be answered.  I pray each day for an "unspoken" request.  There's a handful of people who know the nature of that request.  Occasionally, God will let me know he has not forgotten me and that he will keep his promise.  And every time I begin to put it away and walk away from it, he brings me right back to in without any doubts that it is his intention to grant that request...just not now!

My love for God never waivers, my faith in him grows every day. Allow him to work in you and through you.  Let those around you see the power of God.  Offer your life as a testimony to his power!  Live it as he wants you to live it.   Don't be afraid to praise him out loud.  Don't be too proud to kneel before him and offer your thanks.  Put your pretentious attitude on the back burner and be the submissive child he wants you to be.  Offer all that you have and all that you are to HIM!!!  He will bless you and watch over you.  He will hold you up in your time of need and he will give you the gifts he has set aside for you.  Continue to walk in his will and you, too, will be blessed...believe that there is nothing he cannot do; believe in his promises to you!