Monday, November 19, 2012

~ "Doubt - the enemy = FAITH..."

Hereby know we that we dwell in him, and he in us, because he has given us of his Spirit. (1 John 4:13)

We are told that we are not alone and not forgotten. I've spent the past couple of days totally engrossed in the Word ~ I love His word! I love him! I love to hear about the things he does in the lives of others and I love to tell what he's done in mine!

Shortly after I announced my departure from Tennessee to head for Pennsylvania, a group of women from my church gathered at a small, quiet restaurant to celebrate and give thanks. The testimony offered of the wonderful things the Lord is doing in one woman's life brought tears to her eyes and to many in the room. The joy and sincerity in her praises caused me to reflect on the road ahead of me. The love I felt when I'm in the presence of some of these women was something I'd never experienced. I knew I was going to miss them. And in that fraction of a moment, Satan snuck in and planted a seed of doubt! Was this REALLY what God wanted for me? Did he really want me to pack up and leave this? Yes, he did! It was time.

The enemy will do all that he can to keep us off the path that God has for us! He will tempt us with many things. He will whisper words of doubt into our ears in order to keep us from fulfilling God's plan. But we have a place to go to KNOW God's plan for us ~ his Word! You only need read one verse to eliminate any and all doubt from your mind or your heart.

Wherever we go, whatever we do, we are in him and he in us. We do not go alone! The Holy Spirit truly does live within us and it is there where we draw our strength.  I could not imagine finding a fellowship anywhere else like the one I was a part of. Then again, three years before that, I would have said the same thing. God's plans for us always move us forward, never backward! He only increases our blessings, he does not take them away. Even when the door "seems" to be closing, he will remind you that it is not yet closed and that he is, in fact, in control! Don't allow the enemy to close a door that God has opened by doubting the promise given to you! Rise to the challenge! Draw from the Spirit! Keep going back for more if you need to, but don't give up and don't give in! God's promises are steadfast and secure - they are built on a solid foundation! Take doubt out of the equation and your faith is what remains! And it is more than enough to accomplish whatever it is God has for you!

Praise him, honor him, love him, have faith in him - but don't doubt him! He WILL guide your footsteps all the way to the gate - if you let him!