Thursday, April 21, 2011

~ "Glory in the highest, YOU reign!!!"

Be thou exalted, O God, above the heavens: and thy glory above all the earth (Ps 108:5)

It must be an important's in the Bible three times! There are some very beautiful songs in contemporary Christian music which also incorporate this verse into the lyrics. I had the opportunity to spend some "quality" time in my travels yesterday listening to the praises of our King! The radio station I listen to is pulling out all the stops this week with music that brings tears to my eyes in joy and thanksgiving!

Because God does not break his promises, because He offers us every opportunity to make our lives right with Him, because He is truly a loving God - we owe Him our praises! Not just on Sunday, not just when it's "convenient" - at all times and always! We are the children of the greatest King to ever walk the earth. Our wedding celebration to him will be bigger and better, by far, than any that has come before! We are the bride! We will walk with Him in His kingdom! We are pledged to Him and He to us! There is none like Him!

Our fate was determined long ago on a tree at Galgotha. The blood that was shed there was for our benefit alone. Dance! Sing! Praise! Be prepared for the day when He comes to greet you face to face! It will be here sooner than you realize! Like a third grader waits for the end of school, so do we for the day of His coming! The only difference in that is that summer vacation ends, eternity does not! Prepare for the day when the Lord God calls you home! Be ready to stand before Him and beside Him. If you've dedicated your life to Him, accept His word by faith, when you stand there, your judgement will be "not guilty". Beware of the enemy - he presents his case in a most capricious manner.

So today, remember to shout "Glory in the highest - YOU reign!!!" Prepare yourself for what is right and holy. Seriously consider offering Him a day of fasting tomorrow! It really isn't that difficult. Give Him one day for the many He's given you! Each time you feel the need to "eat" - let those hunger pains be a grim reminder of the pain Jesus endured for you that day (I'll take hunger pains, thank you). Offer a sacrifice that means something - don't just go through the motions...