Tuesday, June 15, 2010

~ "GREAT things come in small packages..."

Jesus wept. (John 11:35)

The shortest verse in the Bible carries the most dynamic insight! Imagine yourself at the lowest point of your life (for which, there are many - they always seem to have a trap door at the bottom). I know for myself, there are times when the pain I am in is just too much to bear and I burst into tears and cry to God to help me. I tell him I can't do it anymore and that I want whatever it is to either end, go away or get better. I sob uncontrollably. Sometimes I even scream at God! Then a calm eventually comes over me and I'm able to pick up the pieces and move on a little.

Imagine Jesus, in the garden, praying to his father...sobbing! We've all done it, we've all felt it. And when we are in the midst of our own suffering, we tell ourselves no one understands. But Jesus does ~ that is why he is our intercessor - because he CAN understand that pain! He's experienced it first hand!

For a very long time, my image of Jesus was that of God on earth - in a human body, but not a human being ~ how wrong I was! He feels our pain, he understands our pain and this one, short verse, puts it all into perspective.

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