Wednesday, August 20, 2014

~ "Full speed ahead..."

"When pride cometh, then cometh shame: but with the lowly is wisdom."  (Prov 11:2)

When you walk with your nose pointed high in the air, you run the risk of tripping and falling flat on your face.  When your head is bowed, you have the ability to see not only what is directly in front of you, but your peripheral vision allows you to see some what out in front and to the sides.

There is nothing wrong with the feeling that comes with success.  When that feeling takes on a life of its own and when we forget how we got to that place (i.e. the grace of God), that's when we can trip over our own feet.  God does not want us face plant after receiving our greatest blessings.  Remembering that we accomplished our successes only through his mercy and grace makes the success that much better.  Remembering that simple fact provides us with the humility we need to walk in wisdom.