Wednesday, November 6, 2013

~ "Making the effort..."

Every word of God is pure: he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him. (Prov 30:5)

Have you ever purchased a book because you thought by reading it you may be enlightened, only to discover that its terribly written and tells you nothing that you did not already know?  By the middle of the book you have become discouraged, disgusted and ready to throw it out the window.  It's flow is terrible and you have no clue where the author is coming from nor where he is going to...yet, you keep reading, hoping it will get better and make sense by the time you reach the final chapter.  Yes, I'm reading one now and unfortunately, throwing it out the window is not an option, since it's on my Kindle.  

I am happy to say that not all books written are like this one.  There is one bound collection of words that at no point, leaves the reader wondering what will happen next.  Everything is specifically spelled out in "easy to understand" words and sentiment.  Yes, you've guessed it - God's word - The Holy Bible!!!

There are many chapters and verses that I do find rather dull. I have a hard time reading who begot whom and at what point in time this all has occurred, yet I love my own genealogy!  That doesn't mean I don't read it.  

The past few days, I've outlined a brief and simple understanding that all that is within the Bible is right, correct and contains no mistakes.  Here, in Proverbs, we find that, indeed, every word is pure!  The bottom line is simple.  If you don't like a law (man made), or you feel it doesn't apply to you and you break it, you will, in fact, pay the price for your actions.  Likewise, if you do not like what God is telling you and you feel it doesn't apply to you, that too carries a price.  Breaking a law and being adamant against it's validity are two different things.  You can say that you have "been saved" and may very well be saved.  If you are truly saved, you are accepting that Jesus died for your sins and understand that only through Him will you be able to stand before the judge with Him as your counsel.  

Like the prostitute in John 8:11, Jesus makes two statements to her:  she is forgiven ("Neither do I condemn thee") and commands her to "go, and sin no more".  If we continue on in our sins, blatantly denouncing the sin as a sin - can we truly say we are saved?