Sunday, July 21, 2013

~ "Change..."

For I [am] the LORD, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed. (Malachi 3:6)

He is always the same. God never changes. From the time he created the earth and its inhabitants, to the present day, he remains exactly as he was and always will be - a loving, merciful King!

Unlike many religions, that "evolve" to fit the changing times, God is steadfast and consistent. His laws, his "rules" remain the same. What was true 4,000 years ago is still true today - what was wrong 4,000 years ago is still wrong today - the mercy and grace he bestowed on our forefathers and the generations that have come before us, he still offers to us today. He is the great "I AM". 

The book of Malachi is the last book in the Old Testament. His writings remind us (just as they did the Jews) of our willful disobedience. Like them, we have shown "contempt for God's name, offered defiled sacrifices, led others into sin, broken God's laws, called "evil" good, kept God's tithes and offerings for ourselves and become arrogant." (LASB-KJV) Yet among the wretched, there were and are a few faithful followers, and God did and will shower his blessings upon these people. But not all will see the light, nor will they repent and without that there is no Kingdom for them to inherit.

God calls us to be true to his word, to be faithful in our giving, to be strong in our beliefs and to not waiver. His "church" is not a building, nor is it a certain denomination - his church is built on Christ and his sacrifice and those who believe and follow will inherit. Anything that is in direct disagreement with God's commands is not of God! Again - God remains the same (as do his laws and his commands to us). If your "religion" keeps changing the rules to meet the changing times, my suggestion to you is to "run for your life!!!" 

Be very aware that the enemy wanders freely in some denominations. The praise to God is so overshadowed by the worship and praise to idols and false gods that it becomes impossible to believe that God is even present there at all (but since God is everywhere, he must be there). Salvation and the answer to prayers comes from God through Jesus - by no other means. When you die, you are either in or out - there's no "praying you into heaven", there's not a period of penance nor is there a measuring stick you are compared to - if there were - you wouldn't "measure up" - none of us would! 

Give to God what rightly belongs to him: your prayers, your praise, your tithes and your soul! Help others along the way, but do not stop and be convinced to take a detour down their path. Make the effort to have them come with you - to follow Christ! Never stop offering them the way of the cross, never give up! They are worth it - we are all worth something to God, otherwise he would not have sent Jesus to pay the price! And it's not a "buy one - get one free" deal ~ you can't get it for someone, they have to ask for it themselves. Offer them the coupon that entitles them to "eternal life", the coupon that "conquered the grave" - the one that expires upon their last breath - offer them Jesus!