Friday, December 21, 2012

~ "Another awkward moment in the history of man..."

But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father. (Mark 13:32).

Wow!  Imagine that! And as another awkward moment in the history of man comes to pass, we are reminded of one verse that many have conveniently chosen to ignore.  Was there every any doubt in your mind that you would not wake this morning to another day?  Perhaps it was all as simple as the ending of just their calendar.  If we are smart enough to know that December 31 is not the end of the world, why did anyone fall for the Mayan calendar beliefs???  

The world as we know it will end.  God has told us that much.  Jesus has affirmed that truth to be so by reminding us of his second coming.  That day is known only to God!  Are you ready???  Were you ready last night???  NOW is the time to reach out and follow Jesus, if you aren't already doing that!  NOW is the time to ask for forgiveness and strength.  NOW is the time to take that step in the direction the Lord has been pushing you toward.  The day is not over a matter of fact, it is just beginning!  It's the new day, the day in which you answer the call of your heavenly Father.  It is not a lot that he asks...

Take a moment and reflect on what you know of God's word.  If you don't know it, take time to read it.  Allow it to be absorbed into your mind and then allow it to reach your heart and soul.  Fill your day with thoughts of his kingdom and loving embrace.  Imagine, as the child you are, what that moment in time will be like - when you come face to face with your Creator.  Will it be a joyful meeting or a somber goodbye forever?