Sunday, April 28, 2013

~ "Non-negotiable..."

The righteous also shall hold on his way, and he that hath clean hands shall be stronger and stronger. (Job 17:9)
The NIV translation of this verse reads: "The righteous keep moving forward..."

God always has a plan.  He always provides for your needs.  He never fails.  

Our brains often conceive only one side of a situation.  We more often than not see the "bad" side - the depressing side - the sacrifice that we may be called upon to make.  It's part of our nature.  Sometimes, though, He may offer you a glimpse of what the other side of that situation may be - the optimistic side.  

I am not an optimistic person 90% of the time.  I see the good in others, but never in myself.  I see potential in others but most times fear the worst for myself.  I struggle to believe that I do deserve good things in my life and that I am worthy of respect and love.  I dread the redundancy of many of routine and annoying habits of others.  I am not a child.  I am a dependable adult.  I give 100% almost 100% of the time.  I do, like everyone else on the planet, have my moments.  Those moments of weakness, of insecurity, of anger and of hurt.  I reach out, often lash out at those around me.  My close friends know it and understand it for what it is.  God understands it and accepts it. He created me in His image, therefore, I know that it is all good.  We have witnessed His anger, know of His hurt - as far as, I doubt God Himself has them.  We've witnessed Jesus' moment of weakness in the garden, yet He did, in fact, find the strength to carry out His mission.  We've witnessed His insecurity - on the cross at Calvary - crying out to His Father as He feared He'd been 'forsaken'.   

I, like Job, like Christ, like any one of God's chosen people - will keep moving forward!  I will take what He gives me and I will be grateful because it is all a blessing.  It may not always be the gift or the blessing we'd like, but it will be the one He's chosen for us - I chose to accept God's will today on God's terms...non-negotiably!  Are you willing to do the same???