Thursday, February 21, 2013

~ "Words of wisdom..."

(photo by Celia Darrigo)

Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth. (Col 3:2)

"When we fill our minds with the things of God, He will become more important to us...."  that's a lot of power packed in one sentence!!!

We all seek out the things in life that make us stand's human nature.  So, how do we change that self-centered need for attention?  Quite simple - we seek out God!  How do we do that - through His word!  Yes, again I'm going to tell you to read your Bible.  Yes, again I'm going to tell you that what you have here stays here (including your reputation, your toys, your photos and all those "things" you've wasted your money on).  "Oh, but I will leave behind a wonderful legacy...I will be remembered for generations after I'm gone".  Okay - what good will that do you if you are burning in hell???

Don't assume that because you say you believe and mumble a few prayers occasionally that you will be counted in...don't assume that just because you visit a church once a week you have a "back stage" pass...don't assume that just because you are kind to animals and give to the needy that you've been excluded from having to praise and worship the Father while here on earth...don't assume that you will have time at the end of your life to accept Jesus as your savior and arrogantly walk through the Gates of Heaven with the same revelry that you enter a room filled with your peers.  Never assume anything - KNOW!!!

Take the time this morning to read Chapter 3 in Colossians.  Take a lesson from Paul...Christ is God, Christ is head of the church (THE church, not YOUR church), be aware of false teachers (man-made religion) and self-made rules.  Live in constant contact and communication with God.  When you do, you will be unified with Christ and with others.

Christ paid for our sin, Christ reconciled us to God and Christ gives us the pattern and the power to grow spiritually.  Once you learn what He is like, you see what you need to become.  Nurture your vital connection to Him!