Tuesday, August 14, 2012

~ "Faith and promises..."

He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God (Rom 4:20)

When I think of the faith of those who have walked with God (yes, we all know I think of Esther), I think of the task that lie ahead of them in relationship to the faith they displayed. Abraham was no exception. God asked him to sacrifice his son! Abraham did not question and did not hesitiate. He followed the directions of our heavenly Father. No, he did not sacrifice Isaac - but he was willing!

The past few days I have been reluctantly accepting what I perceived as God's plan for me. It was not something I was jumping up and down at, as a matter of fact, I began the task while sobbing uncontrollably over a situation I had no control over! I was willing. 

In all the trials that come our way, whether we like them or not, we are called to be willing and humble servants of the Lord. He knows best what we need, where we should be and He knows what He asks may be the last thing in the world we want to do. Yet, in that willingness, He shows His mercy. That is where our faith takes a giant leap. When we completely trust in God, agree to His terms and comply. This is not to say that our faith will keep us from pain and distress. It may be we need that to grow spiritually. What ever God commands us to do is always in our best interest, whether we see it or not.

There's a line in my book that I don't use anymore..."God, if you get me out of this one" has been replaced with "Jesus, where ever the Father sends me, I will go". The willingness to serve is greater than the want for comfort. He has opened my eyes to a small piece of His plan and it is now time to impliment it. It is time to start walking the walk and accepting the life He has laid before me. You, too, have a life that is being laid before you. Don't pray for Him to change it - pray for the courage and strength to accept it! Offer Him what He is due - your praises and your gratitude! He will see you through the storm and guide you safely to land, but do not try to bargain with Him - remember, God doesn't bargain. 

So today, lift up your eyes to the heavens and thank Him for what He has given you and for what He has taken from you - it makes you who you are - a child of the King! He will not leave you to starve, He will not leave you to the enemy and He will not forget to bless you with more than you deserve. Give to Him your best and your reward will come. It may not be "all that and then some" - it may just be "enough" - but you will know that you have seen the love of the Father!!! His love for you is greater than any other! You mean more to Him than any of His other creations! Allow Him to work in you and you will be blessed!

(Image: "Abraham and Isaac" by Sir Anthony Van Dyck)