Saturday, May 28, 2011

~ "A game of hide and seek (ready or not, here I come)..."

For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost. (Luke 19:10)

He did not come to earth to bring peace. He came to save. He is the righteousness we seek. He is the truth we long for. He is the authority we answer to. He is the one we long to be like. He is the one who sets us free. He is the judgement we all fall under. He is the light that brings us hope. He is the King we worship. He is the Lord we serve!

It's not as easy as it looks sometimes. We have our moments of struggle. We are forever being sought after by the enemy. Why? Because we belong to him. We do our very best to walk that narrow road. We have a conscience. We have a choice. Do you need to rededicate yourself to your God today?

Satan has a way of manipulating and distracting us from the truth. He is constantly at work. His "demon hoard" is always lying in wait, looking for any opportunity to sabotage us and take us away from the only thing we know to be perfect, the only thing we know to be pure, the only thing we know to be real - Jesus!

Don't play hide and seek with him. He can't win. Reach out to the Father though Jesus. Hide your heart and soul in His love and protection. Draw your comfort from Him, knowing that all His judgements will be brought forth and you will be vindicated. Let the love you have for Him shine brighter than His stars and His sun. Seek His guidance. Seek His blessings.

Today is the day to rededicate your life to Him. If you've made a mess of it (again) and you are afraid you are slipping away, ask Him to renew your life from within. Ask Him to lead you. Let Him find you right where you are. No need to clean yourself up first, He will do that for you! You are all He wants! Stained and unkempt - He loves you! Take yourself just as you are to the foot of His cross...He's ready to receive you!